Live Rate
Go Any Where with Live Rates on your Mobile

We offer live rates of stock market scripts while running market.
Live rate provides services which suit all kind of traders & investor of Indian stock market. We provide timely and regularly our Live rates service through SMS to them, who are trading and investing in Indian stock market.

This service is mainly useful to them, who are not in front of terminal, busy in offices, or busy in Business, they can received live rate of market in regular times. They can do easily trading in share market through our service.

In Stock Market, traders & investors need regularly stock market live rates, so we provide the same to our clients. Whether the market is bullish or bearish our clients get the both side live rates.

Live Rates of 'Yourscripts' on 'Your’Mobile'

In this Service , we are providing your favorite 5 difference; scripts, which will be select by customer with Sensex Index and Nifty Index.


Duration of SMS time - SMS will receive in different time schedule. Timing can be select by customer also, default time will on every 15 Mins, but customer can change this time on every 30 Mins or 60 Mins.